LETTER: Blanchard cares about Canastota community


To the voters and parents of children in the Canastota School District, I am proud to endorse Scott Blanchard for the upcoming school board election.

I have worked with Scott on the Village of Canastota Recreation Board for the past four years. I have learned a lot from him and can always count on his devotion and leadership on the board. Scott has risen to the position of vice president with the board and that is largely based on his efforts that he puts into everything that he does. Scott shows an amazing level of dedication to every event, big or small. The families of the community have benefited from his impact on this board.

This year, Scott saw a need on the planning board and stepped up to take on this role. He reads every case that comes before the board and does extensive research to make sure that he is educated on the subject.

After college, he came back to the district as a substitute teacher and helped every student that needed him. I can personally tell you that, with my son, Scott would help him in any subject, regardless of the class he was teaching. Scott is now a teacher in the Utica City School District and gives those students the time and opportunity to develop to their furthest potential. I will give my full support to Scott Blanchard, and I hope that you do as well. On May 17th, give your vote to someone that cares about the community and wants us to be proud of our schools; give it to Scott Blanchard.

— John Pinard, Canastota