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Adamsville Utilities adding new fee to water bills for new benefit

Adamsville Utility Department customers can expect to soon see an optional new charge on their bill – but it comes with a new benefit.
Adamsville is contracting with Crossville, Tennessee-based Water Leak Relief LLC to provide a program that can take the sticker shock out of water bills caused by unexpected leaks.
Adamsville Utility Department residential water customers can opt out of the monthly fee of $2.10, but doing so means AUD will not adjust a customer’s water bill in case of a leak, according to a notice about the program from the city.
The benefit claim amount is based on the difference between the water customer’s average monthly water bill over the past 12 months and the water leak bill amount. To qualify for the benefit, a leak must cause the bill to be at least double the average monthly bill amount. There is a 30 day waiting period before benefit claims can be made, and two claims are allowed per 12-month period for qualifying leaks.
If, for instance, a water bill involving a leak is $1,000, and the average water bill is $50, Water Leak Relief will pay the Adamsville Utility Department $950, and the customer will pay AUD $50. The maximum benefit is $3,000 per leak.
To qualify, the leak must be accidental and be repaired within 10 days of discovery, with proof of repair presented.
The program includes a number of circumstances which are not covered, including filling swimming pools, watering of lawns or gardens, sprinkler system leaks, faulty water meters, improper meter reading and other situations. Notably, if a program participant “becomes aware of a potential problem with their plumbing which could cause a leak and that problem is not resolved by turning off water flow to the leak source within five days,” benefits can be denied.
The program does not cover the cost of repairing the participant’s water line unless an additional fee is paid.
The Water Leak Relief program goes into effect April 1. To avoid the fee and opt out, call 855-426-7655.
Adamsville City Adminstrator Kara Hill did not respond to requests for comment for this story.


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