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Courier contest: Seatons named Hardin County Sweetheart Couple

Together for 53 years, Danny and Margaret Seaton were selected as Hardin County’s 2024 Sweetheart Couple.

Jennifer Magie
Staff Writer

Danny and Margaret Seaton are Hardin County’s 2024 Sweetheart Couple, Courier Editor Ron Schaming announced.
The couple was selected from more than 25 official essay entries submitted by newspaper readers who nominated their favorite couple in the area.
The Seatons’ nomination was voted as the choice for this year’s sweetheart couple by the newspaper’s staff, and it was not an easy task.
“I wish we could select them all and give them a prize,” said Courier advertising representative Kristie Roland.
The Seatons’ winning nomination was written by their granddaughter Tia Hathcock.
Hathcock shared how her grandparents had been together for more than 53 years and how their love made her who she is today.
“Without their strength, faith, determination, sacrifices and love for each other I would not be the person I am.
“They showed me what I wanted in my own relationship and when I met my husband they were one of the first to meet him. This was because I knew that God would send me someone who would mesh right into our family. Even if they were not chosen, they would continue to choose each other,” Hathcock wrote in her nominating essay.
It was Margaret who first saw Danny outside her window. “I felt love for him from that moment,” she recalled.
They met shortly after, got married and had their first child when they were 16 and 17 years old.
“I know we were very young when we got married and started a family, and while I would advise couples not to follow in our footsteps, it worked for us, even if many people thought we may not last,” Danny said.
They had their second child in their 20s and moved to Hardin County from Chicago when they were in their 30s.
“Chicago was getting dangerous and living there was hectic. My parents lived here and gave us a small home on their land,” said Danny.
Sadly, their fresh start in Tennessee almost ended shortly after it began, when their home caught fire and burned to the ground.
“I wanted to leave and go back to Chicago but Danny refused to move back, so we stayed and I’m glad we did,” Margaret said.
“The thing is, in Chicago people will step all over you. Here people are so friendly and will help one another. When our house burned down people came over with food, clothes, and financial assistance. The support of this community really humbles you, and this is why we help anyone who needs it,” explained Danny.
As for their marriage, “we are pretty happy,” quipped Margaret.
“Seriously, no marriage is all a bed of roses, but we don’t regret it,” she said.
“I think the secret to a long marriage is to not give up. It is easy to quit, but you both need the attitude that you will stick through all the good and bad times together,” Danny said.
Margaret added, “It is also important that you don’t hold anything back from one another and that there are no secrets.”
The Seatons live in the Walnut Grove community in Hardin County and have four grandchildren and five great-children.
“We live for them and along with our children, they are the best things in our lives,” said Margaret.
As for being selected as Hardin County’s 2024 Sweetheart Couple, “We are surprised and honored,” Danny said.
In honor of the Seatons’ selection as this year’s sweetheart couple, The Courier gifted them a floral arrangement from Orange Blossom. Several area businesses also provided the winning couple with generous gifts including a 7 ounce tin of caviar from Kelley’s Katch, a $55 gift certificate from Kimmy-Cakes Cheesecakes, a $50 gift certificate from Twin Oaks restaurant, a 1 pound family gift pack from Hogz-N-Henz barbecue and a his and hers gift set from Restormi Home and Tempo Boutique.

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