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New agreement keeps CoreCivic in Clifton

CoreCivic announced it has extended its contract to continue operating the state prison in Clifton, Tennessee.
The company said last month it was ceasing operations of the South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton by June 30 when its current contract with the state expires.
But Wednesday, the Nashville-based company said an agreement was reached with the Tennessee Department of Correction to continue managing the prison in Wayne County until June 30, 2025. CoreCivic has operated the facility for more than three decades.
CoreCivic Public Affairs manager Brian Todd said the new contract ensures the prison won’t be shut down.
“The new agreement, which takes effect July 1, ensures that South Central Correctional Facility will continue to provide needed capacity and reentry services for TDOC,” Todd said.
“We greatly appreciate our long-standing relationship with TDOC and value the trust they’ve placed with us,” he said. “We’re extremely proud of the facility’s team including teachers, counselors, chaplains, correctional officers and many other professionals who have helped thousands of individuals achieve success in work and life after incarceration. We’re also grateful for the community support we’ve gotten from Clifton and the surrounding area.”
CoreCivic is a major employer and economic driver in the Clifton area.
Said city Mayor Mark Staggs of the new agreement that maintains CoreCivic’s presence, “Welcome back to the Clifton family, you would have been sorely missed.”

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  1. Ann Shearin on July 9, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    The only reason Core Civic said they were leaving was because they are a bunch of money hungry people who thought blackmail would work to get them more money. Since so many people would lose their jobs and impoverish the county, their plan worked. Warden Perry and his goons as much as murdered my son. When I was notified of my son’s death, I asked Warden Perry why I was not notified that my son was so sick so that I could travel from SC to see him before he died. Warden Perry had the nerve to ask me if I wanted “the truth, a lie or if I wanted him to make up some bullshit that would satisfy me.” Then he told me that nothing would satisfy me. What type of person talks to a grieving mother like this. Core Civic told me that Warden Perry was one of the best wardens they employed.

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