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Parts of Hardin County running out of water as frigid temps burst pipes

As temperatures slowly rise, damage from the weekend’s deep freeze is becoming apparent – causing water shortages and prompting boil water notices throughout west Tennessee as frozen pipes begin to thaw.
All Adamsville Utilities and First Utility District customers have been issued boil water notices, plus some Savannah Utilities customers.
Area utility districts are making the same urgent requests – check all properties for leaks, and conserve as much water as possible because struggling water systems are running at capacity.
“Please go check your properties, even if you think you don’t have a leak. That includes churches, commercial properties, and especially vacant properties. Everbody,” said Saltillo Utility District Utility Manager Brandon Harrington on Tuesday.
“None of our customers have been without water yet, but I’ve been out finding busted pipes and shutting them off everywhere. We’ve been running at capacity for four or five days, and I’m pumping all I can, but it could change in a minute – it could go south at any time.”
Adamsville announced on Christmas Day that due to critically low water pressure, service in the Leapwood Area would be shut off for two hours beginning at 4:30 p.m.
City officials were unable to be reached on Tuesday for system updates. The city posted a boil water notice on Monday at about 7:15 p.m.
In the southern portion of Hardin County, First Utility District General Manager Larry Vandiver said Tuesday that its customers were issued a boil water notice Monday because “about a third of the system has gone out.”
Vandiver said the outage resulted in about 800 customers losing all water, and as of Tuesday early afternoon service had been restored to about 100 customers.
“We haven’t experienced any main water breaks, but it’s been a lot of houses with frozen and busted lines, some commercial properties, a lot – but not all – of unoccupied residences,” Vandiver said.
He added, “The freeze lasted a lot longer than we wanted. With almost half our system out we had to pull to the other side to keep it going, now we’re trying to get the other half going. But we’re making progress. If everything keeps going good like it’s been going, I’m hoping – I can’t promise it but I’m hoping – we’ll get it all back running by some time tomorrow.”
Vandiver said the Hardin County and Michie Fire Departments, along with the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency, have been giving bottled drinking water to customers in need.
There’s also a working faucet at the rear of the First Utility District office at 7075 Tenn. 57 in Counce where people can fill up water containers, he added.
At about 2:15 Tuesday afternoon, the Savannah Utility Department put out a boil water notice affecting part of its service area.
Savannah Utilities Director Greg Littlefield said there was a “water line break out by the (U.S.) 64 tank, off Dew Drop Road. Our boil water notice will primarily affect the northeast part of the county.”
He added that the city was having issues with system water pressure on Monday, but said the situation was “looking better” Tuesday.
Littlefield still asked that customers conserve water where possible.
Hardin County Fire Chief Melvin Martin said Tuesday morning that the county sent a 3,000 gallon tanker truck to Memphis on Christmas Day to support hospitals running short of water, as much of west Tennessee is experiencing similar issues following the extreme cold snap.

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  1. richard ritter on December 28, 2022 at 12:38 am

    i totally support our first utilities dist policys but was trying to find out how far down the average freeze goes into the ground around Counce tn ??

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