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Former Hardin County Highway Department superintendent indicted

Former Hardin County Highway Superintendent Steve Cromwell was formally charged Thursday morning with two felony offenses related to his elected position with the county Highway Department.

Steve Cromwell

Cromwell, 65, of Savannah, is charged with forgery and destruction of and tampering with government records.
He was booked on the charges at the Hardin County jail just after 11 a.m. and released without bond a short time later.
Cromwell’s case was walked into the July 18 meeting of the Hardin County Grand Jury by the district attorney’s office, and the Grand Jury returned a true bill indicting Cromwell on the two charges.
The indictment is one of 18 indictments that were under seal until the defendant had been served, either by arrest or summons.
On the forgery charge, the indictment says that on or about January 2021, Cromwell “did intentionally or knowingly forge a writing with the intent to defraud or harm another, to wit: false invoices and-or purchase orders.”
As for the charge of destruction of and tampering with government records, the Grand Jury indictment says Cromwell made a “false entry in, or false alteration of, a government record by falsifying two purchase orders, two invoices and accounting records of the Savannah Highway Department in order to circumvent bid requirements for an equipment purchase.”
Cromwell is next scheduled to appear in Circuit Court for arraignment on the charges on Aug. 26 at the Hardin County Courthouse.

(Ed note: It appears the reference in the indictment to the “Savannah Highway Department” is a possible error.)

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