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Former McNairy County Circuit Court clerk and wife indicted

A false time card scheme has resulted in the indictment of two former McNairy County officials, the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s office said Wednesday.
Byron Maxedon, the former McNairy County Circuit Court clerk, and his wife Stephanie Maxedon, a former deputy court clerk in his office, were indicted by the McNairy County Grand Jury on charges of theft, official misconduct and making false entries in governmental records.
According to the Comptroller’s office, investigators determined Stephanie Maxedon received at least $3,163.62 in wages for time she did not work.
Investigators also claim Byron Maxedon was aware 11 of Stephanie Maxedon’s 14 time sheets included time she did not work, and that he even completed and falsified four of his wife’s time sheets on her behalf.
Investigators calculated that of the 1,040 total hours reported on Stephanie Maxedon’s time sheets, she was not working approximately 30% of the time. In addition, as a result of her allegedly fraudulent time reports, at least $1,434.77 in county-provided benefits were paid on Stephanie Maxedon’s behalf.
Byron Maxedon resigned from the office of Circuit Court clerk on Dec. 13, 2021 after being first elected in November 2012. His spouse Stephanie Maxedon worked as deputy court clerk from Oct. 14, 2019 through April 20, 2020, when Byron terminated Stephanie’s employment, the investigative report states.
Prior to working as Circuit Court clerk, the report notes, Byron Maxedon was in law enforcement. Stephanie Maxedon was employed as a bailiff with the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department before being hired by Byron.

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