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After pandemic-related delay, MyRide West TN now needs volunteer drivers in Hardin County

Transportation for many can be a challenge, and seemingly impossible some days. MyRide Tennessee is doing what it can to make a difference – and has now expanded into Hardin County.
Are you 60 or older in Hardin County and looking for a ride to the grocery store or doctor’s office or anywhere else?
Perhaps you would like to become part of the solution by being a driver for others?
Many older adults report a need for personalized transportation that is affordable, accessible, available, dependable, safe and offers assisted door-through-door service.
“MyRide TN was set to go in Hardin County last year when COVID hit and halted everything. We now have everything ready. We have people calling to use the service. All we need are volunteer drivers,” said Keita Cole, Senior Volunteer Transportation Network project coordinator.
Cole says they are looking for 10 volunteers in Hardin County.
A MyRide West Tennessee volunteer:
•Is willing to drive his or her personal vehicle to transport a senior to their destinations. Although the volunteer’s auto insurance is always primary, MyRide West TN has purchased excess auto, medical and liability insurance for all volunteers. Additionally, both state and federal volunteer protection laws offer another layer of safety for volunteers, according to the organization.
•Has a valid Tennessee driver’s license, clean driving record, and proof of insurance. Volunteers customize rides to best meet their needs of the older adults they are helping.
•Is asked to commit to three hours per month – one morning or afternoon – to drive an older adult to an essential trip within Hardin County. More donated time is encouraged, but not required.
•Is willing to be thoroughly screened, background checked and trained. MyRide West TN says it wants volunteers to feel confident in the service they are providing to help older adults.
The older adults participating in the program are also checked. Volunteers can expect their rider to be able to walk on their own or with the assistance of a walker or cane.
Have questions about MyRide West TN? Contact Cole at 731-668-6420 or, or visit
Rider applications are also available.
MyRide Tennessee is organized by Southwest Area Agency on Aging and Disability, funded under a grant contract with the Chancery Court of Davidson County. It’s also funded under a grant with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability.

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