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Community survey seeks input for Savannah Parks and Rec Department master plan

The Savannah Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a community survey for use as the city develops a master plan to continue to improve its public parks and athletics facilities. The plan is expected to serve as a guide for the next several years.
“We are working with a consulting company and we need as much feedback from the public as we can get to help create guidelines for the future of our parks and recreation,” said Corey Jennings, Savannah Parks and Recreation director. “If you’d like to have direct input toward the future of the parks department in Savannah, fill out the survey. It only takes five or 10 minutes.”
The survey is an opportunity to provide opinions on specific activities that may be offered in the future for people of all ages, including hiking trails, dance classes, aerobic classes, aquatic opportunities and much more. Survey participants can also rate ball fields and other facilities as to whether they are adequate for current sports or not.
To take the online survey, click here.


  1. Charlotte Wolfe on May 11, 2021 at 10:26 am

    I think the City of Savannah is doing a great job with our civic items. Savannah is definitely a “sports oriented” location. Great for the kids to participate even though I object to all the kids getting a “participation trophy.” They need to learn to strive and succeed. I do LOVE the Tennessee Street Park and walk there when I am in TN. The Christmas decorations were excellent. Keep up the good work for the citizens of Savannah and all the visitors these facilities bring to town.

  2. Danielle Murphy on May 11, 2021 at 10:56 am

    We need more volunteer community projects! Picking up trash and working to keep our environment safe. This will help benefit our future for parks and such! We need more active park days, hiking trails, and more help for our elders! They need volunteers and donations to help feed the generation that set our paths out for us! Also for the ones that need shelter and have nothing to their names! We need more shelters nation wide to help with poverty! This does not include those who can work and do not! Which leads me to the next suggestion we need a job fair day so we can attempt to get people working!

  3. Dion Graham on May 14, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    First of all Good Job Corey! I’ve been around the sports scene for years I think the Parks & Rec needs more events that offer sports challenges such as weekend softball baseball and basketball tournaments I think we’ve become basic a lot of surrounding counties do this. I think sporting events and competitions Would make it fun and interesting to help build a better program! I think the kids past 12 years should be able to play Dixie Youth Baseball 13-18 it’s been taken away for travel ball a lot of parents CANNOT AFFORD to pay for travel ball but doesn’t mean we should cut off summer city baseball cause they don’t play travel ball it takes away from those who still wanna play! I think we need to form a Association for Umpires and Referees for our youth events to give them the real look at officiating for a growth level……Overall our Youth is the most important thing in our city I see a lot of counties around us doing things I think we’ve backed down from it In order to be able to compete with other counties we got to be a step ahead or a step together! I for one will be as I always have glad to help with any ways of making our Youth Better and Most of all Happy! Let’s Make it Happen Together People 💯👍🏽💯

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