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TDOT launches plan to repair potholes caused by winter weather

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is warning motorists heading out on state highways and interstates that last week’s winter storm has created an abundance of potholes in west and middle Tennessee.
TDOT said Wednesday it is “launching a massive effort using all available manpower to repair the damaged areas as quickly as possible.”
According to the department, multiple crews will be patching potholes over the coming days and weeks. Cold mix asphalt is currently being used for repairs. Some asphalt plants will open during the day and allow crews to use hot mix for a more permanent repair.
But it may be spring or early summer before more permanent repairs are made. Full scale paving may be necessary in many locations. Some crews will be assigned to interstates while others will focus on state routes, TDOT noted.
Inclement weather, emergency repairs or incidents may disrupt daily schedules.
Motorists should be prepared for short term traffic delays and be alert for work crews during these repair operations. Efforts will be made to perform repairs during off-peak travel times from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays, but some lane closures may extend into the late afternoon, evening, and weekends, the department said.
Motorists can alert TDOT to potholes using this form:


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