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Vickie Franks (11-9-20) service 11-17-20

If you’ve ever eaten chocolate gravy off of a hot, buttered, homemade biscuit, then there’s a good chance you have been fed by the hands of Vickie Marie Franks, who entered the gates of Glory on Monday, Nov. 9.
Vickie played many roles throughout her life. She was a loving daughter, protective sister, spirited classmate, compassionate nurse, devoted wife, doting mother, godly teacher, fervent prayer warrior and the most genuine friend anyone could ask for.
Vickie lived by two simple rules: Love God and Love People. She was saved in her early 30s, and anyone who knew her will tell you that she never quite got over it. Her God-given gifts of service and hospitality made her a living testimony of God’s love.
We were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Vickie during her 62 years on this side of Heaven. Among them: If a recipe calls for something to be boiled, you can always use the microwave. Never pass up a yard sale without stopping. Once there, if the price tag says a dollar, you can probably get it for fifty cents. If your peach cobbler is good enough, it will not need ice cream. A little bit of mascara and lipstick goes a long way. And, never underestimate the power of a good girdle. More importantly, always say “I love you” before hanging up the phone. Say grace before every meal. Give to every charity that asks. And, if you see a homeless person with a sign, buy them a McDonald’s value meal.
Vickie always went out of her way to show people how much she cared. You may read this and recall a hand-written note in a card, or a timely phone call from her that touched your heart, tickled your funny bone, or maybe even made you cry. Above all, when she said she was praying for you, she meant it.
Her spirit is carried on by her mother and step-father (Peggy and Jerry Hamm); husband (Floyd Garry Franks), two daughters (Deidre’ and Leslie Wolfe); two step-daughters (Tammy Melson and Renee Rickman); five step grandchildren (Seranda Franks, Jennifer Rich, Stephen Melson, Colby Rickman, and Christy Lifsey); eight step great-grandchildren; a stepbrother (Keith Hamm), two stepsisters (Rhonda Floyd and Jennifer Hamm); and many in-laws, nieces, nephews, friends and family too numerous to list, but not forgotten.
Vickie is joyfully reunited with her father and first love. Wilbourn Euguene Sweat; and her best friend and little brother, Tony Sweat.
Private family service was held on Tuesday, Nov. 17.