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Parents of students attending Hardin County Schools face decision by Nov. 13

Director of Hardin County Schools Michael Davis said Friday that HCS is now beginning to plan and do the necessary scheduling work that will be required for students and teachers for the second semester.
He noted the school system currently offers two academic pathways for our students – a traditional option where the student actually attends school and a distance learning option where the student does their school work from home.
Currently, Davis said, the school system has approximately 1,200 students who have chosen the distance learning option, leaving approximately 2,300 students actually attending school.
Going forward, for the second semester, HCS has created a the “Academic Pathway Form,” which Davis is asking all parents to read, fill out and return by Nov. 13.
Parents with more than one child in the school system must fill out a separate form for each child.
The forms can be dropped of at your child’s school office, or they can be mailed or emailed to your child’s principal..
The form is available at each school’s main office, the Hardin County Board of Education Office, or you can print a copy from the link on the HCS website at
The form lets the school system know which pathway you are requesting for your child for the upcoming spring semester, so staff can plan appropriately.
Davis notes that all parents should carefully read the form before making a decision, because the school system has had to make some changes to the way it is offering the distance learning option in the second semester.
One important change will be the elimination of paper work packets sent home for distance learners. HCS is eliminating the packets in order to help move back to a traditional five day week of school beginning in January, which is the goal.
The reason schools are on a four-day week for traditional attendance currently is to allow teachers one day a week to prepare the packets; eliminating the packets will allow students who physically attend school to attend five days per week.
If you choose the distance learning option for your child for the second semester, you must have a device – other than a cell phone – and reliable internet service, Davis says.
The school system has ordered Chromebooks and Chrome tablets, using CARES Act funds, but Davis said there is no guarantee the devices will arrive before the second semester begins in January.
Also, Davis noted, if a student is failing any subject at the end of the first semester in December, a request for that student to do distance learning may be denied, due to the best academic interest of the child.
Otherwise, students who begin the second semester distance learning will be required to remain on the distance learning option the entire semester.
The only exception would be for students whose academic progress is deemed unsatisfactory by the school system; those students may be required to attend school the final nine weeks.
Davis added that students who start the second semester by attending school will not have the option to move to distance learning during the semester. unless there is a documented medical reason approved by the school system.
“Please know that these decisions, like all other decisions we make concerning school matters, always have the best interests of all children in mind. We will continue to work closely with local and state health officials and will either move a school or our entire system to a hybrid schedule or a full distance learning format if circumstances arise throughout the semester that warrant it,” Davis said.


  1. Joe on October 23, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    So Michael Davis going to force children in harms way for the sake of their grades.

  2. Joe on October 23, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    The state is removing testing requirements giving the Teachers and Michael Davis a reprieve. But now Michael Davis is going to force children into a dangerous situation for the sake of their grades. Over all any failure, even though he will pass the buck, lays at the feet of Michael Davis. This is how he set up distance learning. He has failed to give these children what they need to succeed. In the face of his failure he is going to force these kids into a dangerous situation. His teachers have already failed these students but now they can do it in person.

  3. Marie on October 28, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    I decided on distance learning the first semester because my child kept getting put on quarantine due to possible exposure. Will these guidelines change too?
    Or will the children fall behind being sent home multiple times?

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