TN Promise applications down 20%

As of Oct. 13, TN Promise applications are down 20% across Tennessee, according to tnAchieves, the partnering organization to the TN Promise Scholarship in 90 of the 95 counties in Tennessee.
TN Achieves says at this rate, more than 10,000 Tennessee high school seniors will not take advantage of this opportunity compared to seniors from the Class of 2020. With the Nov. 2 deadline approaching for the Class of 2021, tnAchieves urges students to apply at
High school seniors who fail to apply for TN Promise by the Nov. 2 deadline will become permanently ineligible for the scholarship, tnAchieves said.
As a last-dollar scholarship, TN Promise offers students the opportunity to access a post-secondary credential tuition and mandatory fee-free. TN Promise applicants will also have access to non-financial supports as part of the program, including a volunteer mentor from their local community.
tnAchieves says it recognizes the challenges presented during this academic year and can provide support to students and their families as they navigate the college-going process. Students in need of application support can reach out to tnAchieves by emailing [email protected]
“Now more than ever, communities must come together to promote student success,” said tnAchieves Executive Director Krissy DeAlejandro.
She added, “Obtaining a post-secondary credential not only benefits the student but can prove transformative for communities across the Tennessee. We know that when our communities face uncertain economic times like we are facing today, people with a college degree are more likely to remain employed and able to lead their families through economic downturns.”
Current high school seniors must apply for TN Promise by Nov. 2 at TN Promise provides every high school senior the opportunity to attend a community or technical college tuition-free.


  1. Pamela Godwin on October 19, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    My Granddaughter will graduate May 2020. Can I please get information to get her ready. She lives with me,and I really want her to take advantage of this program.

    • Editor on October 19, 2020 at 1:01 pm

      Students in need of application support can reach out to tnAchieves by emailing [email protected].

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