Fall break concludes: Update, reminders from Hardin County Schools

Director of Schools Michael Davis is reminding parents that the fall break for Hardin County Schools is now over, and most students are returning to classrooms.
Note – all Hardin County children, 18 and under, are eligible for the HCS meals program. From Davis:
•For our students who have chosen the distance learning option, whether you started it before school of during school, there are no changes for you. As mentioned before though, these students will have the opportunity to make a change and attend school if they would like to at the beginning of the second semester (Jan. 5). We will be releasing more information on this soon so that you can make us aware of your decision on whether you would like your child to return to school for the second semester or stay with the distance learning option for the second semester.
•Students in Group 1 & Group 2 who have been attending school will now attend every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week for the remaining of the 1st semester. These students will not attend on Mondays of each week but rather do their school work from home. Teachers will continue to do their distance learning work and work with their students by computer and/or phone as needed.
•Each of our schools continue to make changes within their building to do their best on keeping students apart the recommended 6 feet while at school. Because this will not be possible at all times, we strongly encourage everyone in our schools to wear a mask. Everyone must do their part in order to help keep our schools open and be mindful of others at all times.
•Report cards for all students are scheduled to go out now on Friday, Oct. 23.
•Curbside take home meals update for after fall break:
– Students in Group 1 & 2 will now be able to pick-up their take home breakfast and lunch meals on Mondays of each week between 10-11:30 a.m. (this will be three days of meals being picked up. Students will be able to eat meals at their school the other four days each week that they attend school.
– All children 18 years old or younger, who are distance learning or not enrolled in Hardin County Schools, will still be able to receive breakfast and lunch meals at no cost for the entire seven days of each week with pick-up remaining each Monday between 10-11:30 a.m. at each school site.
– Meals should continue to be pre-ordered by completing the Meal Survey at www.hardincoschools.com.

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