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Hardin County Schools launches hybrid schedule on Aug. 31

Hardin County Schools students enrolled in the traditional attendance option are using the hybrid schedule beginning this week.
“We certainly understand the hardship it causes on parents when decisions have to be made to modify our normal school schedule or even cancel school but we assure you we will always put safety first when making these decisions,” Director of Schools Michael Davis said.
Schedule information
•The hybrid schedule is only for the students who currently attend school. If your child has chosen the distance learning option, there is no change for them.
•Students who currently attend school have now been assigned a group number – either Group 1 or Group 2. All parents should have received their child’s group assignment this past Monday. If you do not know your child’s group number, contact their school Monday to find out.
•For the hybrid schedule, students will only attend on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday of their designated week. No students will attend school on a Monday or Friday, but should do their school work from home.
•Group 1 students will attend this Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (Sept. 1-3).
• Group 2 students will attend September 8-10 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday).
•This weekly rotation of the two groups until further notice.
•Beginning Monday, for students who are currently doing paper packets, their parents will now begin picking their child’s work up at their zoned school each Monday between 10 a.m. and noon. Any questions on this, contact your child’s school.
•For Group 2 students who are getting paper packets, because these students do not attend school this week, parents will need to pick their work packets up at their child’s zoned school Monday between 10 a.m. and noon. For Group 2 students who do have a device or internet, you will do your work on Google classroom. All students should now have their Google classroom account information. If your child does not have their account information or if they were to have trouble accessing their account, contact their school.
•Moving forward, any adjustments concerning your child’s academic work (having to do with online or paper packets) will be made and communicated from their zoned school. Contact your child’s school with any questions.
School nutrition information
•All students enrolled in Hardin County Schools can still receive meals at no cost since HCS is an all Community Eligibility Provision district
•Meals can be pre-ordered and parents can pick them up Monday of each week anytime from 10-11:30 a.m., for the days that they will not be attending school. (If a Monday is a holiday, meals are distributed the following Tuesday at the same time.
•The link to complete the meal survey to register for meals is posted at Hardin County Schools’ website at by noon on Monday of each week. Meals must be pre-ordered by Wednesday at midnight.
• Parents may also call Cheryl Cochran or Kristen Tomlinson at the Hardin County Board of Education at 731-925-3943 to register for meals.
•Any parents who cannot pick up meals during the designated time on Mondays may contact the school’s cafeteria manager or contact Cheryl Cochran at 731-925-3943 to work out a plan.

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  1. Melissa keirns on August 31, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    My child goes to Northside,. I’m interested in the meal thing for her, but I work full time and don’t get off till after 4:30

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