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Rising coronavirus cases prompt hybrid schedule at Hardin County Schools

Students – and parents – on the traditional attendance plan at Hardin County Schools are about to experience a radical change.
Director of Schools Michael Davis announced Thursday that traditional attendance will be modified to a hybrid one week on, one week off schedule. Students will attend only three days a week during “on” weeks.
He citing rising numbers of students and staff being confirmed positive for COVID-19, plus the many students who have had to be quarantined after being in close contact with positive cases as the reason for the change.
“We’ve now had a positive case involving a student or students at every school except West Hardin and Parris South elementary schools,” Davis said.
A teacher at West Hardin was confirmed positive last week and is currently in quarantine, but that teacher had no contact with students.
Wednesday, Davis advised that a student at Pickwick Southside School was confirmed positive, resulting in three other students sent home to quarantine as a precaution. Today, Davis said another student was confirmed positive at the high school, resulting in 24 more students sent home to quarantine.
Also today, a Hardin County Schools administrator was confirmed positive and quarantined, and another administrator and one middle school teacher have gone on quarantine after being in recent close contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases.
To date, a dozen Hardin County Schools staff, students and bus drivers have tested positive since the beginning of full attendance classes on Aug. 10, resulting in over 100 staff, students and bus drivers being quarantined. The majority of those in quarantine are students.
“The number of confirmed COVID cases among our students and now our staff has continued to increase, so we feel the need to pull back a little, and the decision has been made to move to a hybrid schedule,” Davis said.
“The hybrid schedule will lower the number of those students physically in school at any one time by 50%. Students at each school will either be assigned to ‘Group 1’ or ‘Group 2,’ and students will attend school every other week, depending on if they are in Group 1 or Group 2, and only attend on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.”
No students will attend on Mondays or Fridays, instead doing their school work from home. Teachers will be using those two days for instruction, planning, and providing feedback to their students, Davis said.
He added that administrators have tried to make sure siblings are in the same group, so they would be able to attend the same days.
Notification of which group each student has been assigned to will be sent home with students Monday.
Davis said moving to this new schedule will require a short transition time for all schools. The following is specific information concerning the hybrid schedule:
•The hybrid schedule is only for the students who currently attend school. If your child has chosen the distance learning option already, there is no change for them. Around 25% of the student population is enrolled in full-time distance learning.
•Transition week starts Monday. Below is the schedule:
–Aug. 24 (Monday) – students attend school as normal.
-–Aug. 25-28 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) – Students do not attend school, and do their classwork from home these four days.
• Hybrid schedule beginning the following week, Sept. 1:
–Group 1 attends Sept. 1, 2, and 3 (only Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday).
–Group 2 attends September 8, 9, and 10 (only Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday).
–This schedule of a weekly rotation of the groups attending Tuesday- Thursdays will continue until further notice.
•Each day that a student does not physically attend school, they will be learning from home virtually.
Davis said parents with questions can contact him at the HCS headquarters office at 731-925-3943.

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