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Two more Hardin County schools report coronavirus cases

Director of Schools Michael Davis said Thursday afternoon that two more Hardin County students have tested positive for COVID-19.
Davis said he was notified of the test results this morning. One student attends the middle school. Thee other attends the high school, bringing the total number of students testing positive to three in the past two days.
On Wednesday, Davis was notified of a student at East Hardin who tested positive.
The Hardin County Schools COVID-19 policy requires that any student who may have come in close contact with a positive or suspected positive case be quarantined for 14 days.
The two students who had positive coronavirus test results today will result in an additional 15 students being quarantined for each of those students, for a total of 32 students including the two positive cases.
Davis said the coronavirus-positive middle school student last attended school Tuesday, and the parents of every student in that pupil’s study group have been notified by letter.
Identifying students who may have come into close contact with the high school student, who also last attended Tuesday but left after feeling ill about the time classes started, was harder and took longer, Davis said.
High school students change classrooms. Administrators had to review security video of every place the coronavirus-positive student went in the effort to learn who was potentially exposed.
Davis said parents and guardians of about 70 students in the affected high school student’s study group were notified of the situation by letter.
The East Hardin student who tested positive resulted in that student plus 10 additional students being sent home Wednesday to quarantine.
Four days into the start of regular classes, three students have tested positive, resulting in 40 additional students being quarantined. A bus driver-aide and a teacher have also tested positive, resulting in two more aides and four more students being quarantined.
As cases and quarantine numbers rise, and so early in the semester, Davis emphasized that students with symptoms or who are feeling ill should not attend classes. Plus, if any person in a student’s home has tested positive, is feeling ill and showing symptoms of COVID-19, that student should not go to school.
“We’ve got to all work together and we’ve got to – I mean we absolutely must – have cooperation on this from parents or it’s not going to work,” Davis said.


  1. Stephanie Thompson on August 14, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    I am not a parnet but I do have a nephew that attends HCMS and I am scared for him. I really thank that these schools did reopen to soon.
    It’s no way these schools should be open through the covid 19.

  2. Betty Lou Beil on August 18, 2020 at 7:54 am

    Thank you for the update and explanation for your actions. I fear for my children getting sick from anything, but they have the right to education and fellowship with other peers.
    Thank You

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