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COVID-19 concerns cancel 2020 Hardin County Fair

With the pace of new COVID-19 infections accelerating, the Hardin County Agricultural Fair Board announced Wednesday it is canceling the 2020 fair.
Keith Franks, president of the local fair board, said the board met remotely via Zoom and unanimously agreed to call off the event.
“We just didn’t want to put the citizens at risk,” he said.
In a statement on social media, the Hardin County Fair Board termed the decision “difficult,” and said, “We realize some will not agree with the decision, but we are hopeful you will understand we felt the safety and health of our community should be priority at this time.”
Franks said finances also entered into the decision.
He said state rules currently in force would have cut the number of ticket-buying fair-goers who could be admitted at a time by 50%, but “it takes the full fairgrounds to basically pay the bills.”
Plus, the fair board lacks the staff needed to implement other now required health and sanitation measures, he said.
Franks noted that boards for the Tennessee State Fair, the Williamson County Fair and others have also  canceled their events for this year.
Carnival operations which travel from fair to fair are impacted by cancellations, but “from what I understand, they’re going to survive,” he said.
Franks also held out the possibility that the Hardin County Fair Board might stage some sort of smaller event this winter.


  1. P Benedict on June 24, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    How does canceling a fun event like the county fair help America? Hasn’t anyone figured out that this whole thing was at best a new flu. That the death toll this year isn’t any higher than last years death figures (people die). That the covid-19 isn’t that special unless those who just want to show people their power over the rest decide to cancel events that might benefit the mood of our community. I think if you want to play into the hands of the activists just keep canceling events that might take down the temperament of those radicals. Stop using a virus that no one is even talking about. Standup people!

    • Don't Be Dumb on June 25, 2020 at 8:40 am

      Now that’s just a whole new level of pure, absolute ignorance…..

    • KC on April 21, 2021 at 7:12 am

      3 million deaths later. no one is talking about it…….

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