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School safety net program expanded to offer more meals for multiple days

Director of Schools Michael Davis on Wednesday announced important changes to the Hardin County Schools program providing meals to students and children during the school closure period.
“We will now be able to provide both breakfast and lunch to each child,” he said.
He added that the local school system has also received permission to supply several meals at a time to each child, eliminating the need for parents to leave the house every weekday. Davis said during today’s first food distribution, HCS provided 299 meals to Hardin County children, and also received feedback from parents that driving kids to the distribution points every day is burdensome.
The plan now is to reduce the number of distribution days, and provide several meals for each child on each of the remaining days.
Davis noted that children receiving meals must be present – they must be in the car – to receive meals, due to federal guidelines.
He also noted that children can be taken to any of the 11 distribution locations to pick up meals.
Going forward, meals will be distributed at all 11 locations, starting at 11 a.m., on:
•Thursday, March 19 – meals for two days
•Monday, March 23 – meals for two days
•Wednesday, March 25 – meals for three days
•Monday, March 30 – meals for two days
•Wednesday, April 1 – meals for three days
The current plan is to reopen schools on Monday, April 6. If any changes are made to the food distribution or reopening schedule, those changes will be announced at the time they are determined.
The meals are being prepared at the high school and delivered to each of the 11 locations, where distribution points are set up in the parking lots.
Drivers should enter the parking lot and stop, and school personnel will bring meals for each child in the car.
After receiving lunches, drivers are asked to go off-site to eat them, to both keep the area clear for others arriving and to minimize the risk of spread of the coronavirus. Davis said the lunches are “grab and go.”
Also, if picking up lunches at a community fire hall, don’t stop in front of fire hall bay doors.
School Nutrition Program Supervisor Cheryl Cochran said the lunches will be “cold meals,” such a sandwich, fruit or vegetable and milk, and meet federal requirements.
She asked that parents note that on some days at some locations, peanut butter sandwiches will be offered. A different option will be available upon request for those with peanut butter allergies.
The breakfast meal options will include cereal, cereal bar, mini honey bun, Pop Tart, and similar options. The breakfast meal will also include a 4-ounce fruit juice, a half-cup of fruit and a carton of milk.
The locations outside of Savannah for distribution of lunches, each weekday from 11 a.m. to noon, plus the number of children served meals on the first day of the program, are:
•Whites Community Center -10
•Walnut Grove Community Center – 30
•Olive Hill Fire Hall – 13
•Pickwick Southside School – 62
•Shiloh – the old Ed Shaw’s Restaurant (intersection of Tenn.142 and Tenn. 22) – 9
•Crump City Hall – 23
•Morris Chapel Fire Hall – 30
•Saltillo Community Center – 14
•Cerro Gordo Community Center – 19
Locations in Savannah for distribution of lunches, each weekday from 11 a.m.-noon (each will be in front of the school entrance), are:
•Northside Elementary – 58
•Parris South Elementary – 31
Anyone with questions should contact the Hardin County Board of Education at 731-925-3943.

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  1. Cary G. Duncan, Sr. on March 19, 2020 at 1:52 am

    This is a wonderful humanitarian service to our HCS’s students. Thanks to all in the planning & distribution of the service. God Bless each.

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