Tennessee court proceedings suspended due to COVID-19

Declaring a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tennessee Supreme Court on Friday issued an order suspending in-person court proceedings in the state, but did not shut down the offices of judges or court clerks.
With some exceptions, most notably proceedings necessary to protect the constitutional rights of criminal defendants, all in-person proceedings in all state and local courts in Tennessee are suspended from the close of business today through Tuesday, March 31.
Following the Supreme Court order, Circuit Court Judge Creed McGinley issued a notice this afternoon that those currently called for jury duty in Hardin County will not report to the courtroom. McGinley instructs jurors to call 731-926-9259 or 731-925-1000 on March 31 for further instructions.
In its suspension order, the state Supreme Court provided for the protection of all court actions such as deadlines for submission of court documents, statutes of limitation, or protective orders set to expire between today and March 31 by extending the expiration date of those matters to April 6.
The order adds, “If it becomes necessary to close judges’ offices or court clerks’ offices during the period of suspension, these offices shall remain accessible by telephone and email to the extent possible during their regular business hours.”
The order also lifts prohibitions on court proceedings by telephone, video, teleconferencing, email or other means that do not involve person-to-person contact. The decision to use any of those means to conduct court proceedings is left to the president judge of the judicial district, which in Hardin County is Judge McGinley.
Other exceptions to the suspension include proceedings related to relief from abuse and orders of protection, emergency child custody orders, Department of Children’s Services emergency matters, emergency mental health orders, emergency protection of the elderly or vulnerable persons, and the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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  1. Jeremy Buir on December 3, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    I”m messaging on behalf of Jeremy Buie. He is currently doing a 10 yr. sentence in Henry County & is on the work release program. He was served a indictment for Benton County & there was a hold placed on him. LT. Powell & the sergeant have been trying to get hold taken off so he can return to work. I’m Hopeing that there is someway the hold can be removed.
    Thank You & Have A
    Blessed Day!

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