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Shiloh battlefield trails closed since fall windstorm reopening

Shiloh National Military Park announced Wednesday that several of its hiking trails have reopened after being cleared following a severe windstorm last fall.
According to the park, all forested trails on the Shiloh battlefield were closed to public entry as a result of the Oct. 26 storm. Thousands of trees were uprooted, with large limbs and trunks suspended across almost all of the wooded trails traversing the battlefield, making foot entry into the forested areas hazardous.
Major trails affected by the storm included the Shiloh Indian Mounds Trail, the Sunken Road, and all access trails leading to monuments and markers across the battlefield.
The park set a goal of having all trails reopened by the 158th anniversary of the battle of Shiloh next month on April 6.
As the work has progressed, several trails have been cleared and reopened to visitor use. Any trailhead that is not currently roped off or posted is officially open.
Park rangers are asking visitors to be aware that trees and limbs could continue to fall, and to report any downed trees across any trails that are open.

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