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Adamsville urges flood evacuees to turn off water meters; Faulty valve let sewage flow into creek

With rains continuing to fall and floodwaters rising, the city of Adamsville is reminding its water customers who live in flood-prone areas to turn off their water meters before evacuating.
The city has turned off water mains to Dollfly Loop, Bargeview Lane, Towboat Lane, Old Ferry Lane, Catfish Lane, Jaycee Lane, Barefoot Trail and Leaning Tree Lane due to high water flooding.
“It’s primarily in the bottoms area around the levee, which are seeing a lot of flooding and people are evacuating. We’re trying to be proactive to minimize risk of high water bills from people who leave their water on in those areas,” said Interim City Manager Kara Hill.
She said during the flood event last year, some water customers left their homes, but damage in or around those homes caused water to run non-stop, resulting in very high bills for some. The city wants to prevent that during the current event and in case the flooding now gets worse or continues for a long period of time.
Hill added that a notice Adamsville posted to social media last Thursday, regarding a faulty valve at the Palmer Street lift station which allowed sewage overflow into Beason Creek, is still in effect. The valve itself has been fully repaired and the sewage flow into the creek has ceased.
“We’ve sent samples from the creek for testing, which we’re required to do, but the results have not come back yet. As a precaution we’ve got signs up urging no swimming, wading or fishing in the creek – people or pets,” Hill said.

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