Commotion at Savannah Walmart: Escapee apprehended

Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies converged on the Walmart store in Savannah early Wednesday afternoon after an escaped prisoner ran into the store to hide, according to city Police Chief Michael Pitts.
He said McNairy County sheriff’s deputies had taken a prisoner for treatment at the Hardin Medical Center emergency room. The prisoner somehow eluded officers and made his way to Walmart.
The McNairy County deputies, joined by Savannah officers, Hardin County Sheriff’s Department deputies and some officers from Adamsville who happened to be in a training class with Savannah police all went to Walmart, where the escapee was apprehended without serious incident, Pitts said.
“It looked a lot worse than it was,” he added.
A Walmart employee whose name is being withheld because they are not authorized to speak to the media said officers were “running” through the store, and that the man being sought was wearing shorts and a hospital blanket.
The man was found in an employee only area at the back of the store and took up what appeared to be a fighting stance before numerous officers “took him down,” the employee said.
The Courier is attempting to reach McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck for additional information, including the name of the reported escapee and why he had been initially arrested.

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