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Federal court: Former Hardin County mayoral candidate guilty in bomb case

Former candidate for Hardin County mayor Jonathan White was found guilty Wednesday afternoon on all counts of a five count indictment in federal court in Jackson.
Following the two and a half day trial presided over by Senior U.S. District Judge J. Daniel Breen, White was found guilty by a jury of:
•knowingly and unlawfully making a destructive device, more commonly known as a pipe bomb;
•knowingly and unlawfully possessing a pipe bomb;
•knowingly and unlawfully possessing a destructive device, more commonly known as a pipe bomb, that was not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record;
•knowingly possessing a firearm, more specifically described as a destructive device and more commonly known as a pipe bomb, that was not identified by a serial number;
•and knowingly and unlawfully transferring a pipe bomb.
White was arrested last August after giving what he called a pipe bomb to two Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents who were performing an undercover surveillance operation of White from a neighbor’s property.
During White’s preliminary trial in Hardin County on state charges stemming from the same incident, both TBI agents testified that they engaged White in conversation about issues regarding rural property upkeep, and that White gave them the device and told them it could be used to “blow up” a troublesome beaver dam.
White still has charges pending in Hardin County for violating state law against possessing a prohibited weapon, a destructive device.
White’s sentencing on the guilty verdicts on the federal charges is set for Oct. 10.
According to Assistant U.S. Attorney James Powell on Thursday, who prosecuted the case, the counts effectively merge for sentencing.  White is facing one sentence of no more than 10 years imprisonment, three years supervised release and a $250,000 fine.
(Ed note: Look for more on this story in the July 18 edition.)

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  1. Mike on July 28, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    Just curious does anyone know where Mr. White is being held?

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