Former HCHS teacher charged with shooting into pharmacy enters plea

Former Hardin County High School teacher Christopher “Todd” Alexander, charged with felony counts of reckless endangerment and vandalism for shooting into Main Street Pharmacy, accepted an offer of judicial diversion Tuesday.
He entered a conditional guilty plea to a reduced charge in the March 9 incident.
Alexander was scheduled to appear before Hardin County General Sessions Judge Danny Smith for a preliminary hearing in the case.
Instead, Smith announced that Alexander, his attorney, and Assistant District Attorney General Vance Dennis had come to an agreement on judicial diversion. Only certain defendants are eligible for judicial diversion, and the requirements are spelled out under state law; one being that any defendant can only receive judicial diversion once.
Under that process, Alexander entered a conditional plea of guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge of vandalism under $1,000. The judge does not immediately accept the plea and instead continues the case, in this instance for one year.
Smith also ordered Alexander to attend supervised probation for one year, not use drugs or alcohol, and pay $479 restitution to Main Street Pharmacy. In addition, Alexander must pay court costs and not contact the pharmacy or anyone affiliated with it.
If Alexander fails to comply with the terms of the diversion offered, the conditional plea of guilt is automatically accepted, and Smith will sentence Alexander on the misdemeanor charge – up to 11 months, 29 days in jail.
If Alexander successfully completes the terms of the diversion, at the end of the one year period the conditional plea is not accepted, the charges are dismissed, and Alexander will be eligible to have the charges expunged.

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