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Flooded roads list

This is a partial list of roads in Hardin County affected by flooding. It does not include streets in Savannah, Crump and Saltillo. Expect more roads to be affected in the next several days.
Motorists are urged to exercise caution and to turn around, don’t drown.

Tenn. 57 just west of the railroad tracks, coming out of Counce. The highway is closed.

Tenn. 69 outside Saltillo
Tenn. 57 at Chambers Creek
Tenn. 57 at the fish pond
Tenn. 22
Tenn. 142
Arnold Lane
Barefoot Trail
Bargeview Lane
Bellis Road
Big River Plantation
Botel Road
Boxelder Drive
Catfish Lane
Clover Drive
Coffee Landing Road
Connie Beth Lane
Cornstalk Lane
Cross Pond Road
Diamond Island Drive
Elizabeth Lane
Federal lane
First Pittsburg Road
Gammill Slough Road
Hamilton Rock Lane
Col. James Hardin Road
Jaycee Lane
Lacefield Drive
Leaning Tree Road
Lemert Road
Mocassin Road
Musslers Lane
Old Ferry Road
Riverside Lane
Retriever Loop
Senator Cobb Road
Stadium Drive
Swamp Drive
Tea Lane
Teal Lane
Towboat Lane
Vista River Lane
Waterview Loop
Wilkenson Ferry Drive
Glendale Road
Clifton Road
Cravens Road
Oak Grove Road
Cove Lane
Coleman Drive
Marshal Drive
Crooked Creek
Winding Way
Kennedy Road
Presley Road
Emerald Lane
Fisherville Loop
Leath Road
Narrows Lane
Hagys Lane
Silverwater Lane
Nash Landing Lane
Rockpile Lane
Putt Lane
Terry Lane
Browder Branch
Gladden Road
Bucktown Loop
Campbell Old Mill
Wharf Road
Alec Lane
Russells Chapel
Old Ferry Lane
Dorothy Ann Lane
Sulphur Well Road
Half Moon Lake

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