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Video: Brawl breaks out at Adamsville-Scotts Hill basketball game, player injured

An Adamsville High School basketball player was injured in a riotous brawl on the court Tuesday night as a tight game with Scotts Hill High School came to a close.
It may be days before an official investigation is concluded, but the injured player’s aunt said 15-year-old Devin Leatherwood is now out of the hospital after suffering a head injury.

“He’s doing pretty good; they released him last night after doing a bunch of tests,” Amber Brooks said Wednesday morning. “He just woke up a little while ago, and seems to be OK, other than he’s pretty bruised up on his face, and he’s really upset that any of this happened. Our whole family has been an emotional wreck.”
Adamsville High School Principal Steve Killingsworth said the school administrations of Adamsville and Scotts Hill are “working together with local law enforcement and the TSSAA to investigate the incident. Appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete.”
Daniel Vandiver, assistant chief of the Adamsville Police Department, said a McNairy County deputy sheriff was at the game, and city officers were called in shortly after 9 p.m. as fighting broke out.
“Video footage is being gathered and the review process will take some time to sort through. We are actively investigating the circumstances that led up to the fight, as well as pursuing charges against those involved. This is still an active investigation so we will not be releasing any names until the preliminary investigation is completed,” he said.
Vandiver asked that any spectators who have video footage of the brawl send it as a private message to the APD Facebook page.
Just before the altercation erupted, Adamsville trailed by three points before Leatherwood hit a three-pointer to tie the game with around 15 seconds remaining in the contest. As Scotts Hill brought the ball up the court to go for the last shot, Adamsville applied defensive pressure all over the court.
The Cards were able to knock the ball loose and appeared to have a steal and an open court to a possible game-winning layup.
A couple of Scotts Hill defenders closed in and knocked the ball away with a Cardinal being sandwiched and falling to the court in what some observers saw as a foul. No foul was called and a Lion player was able to grab the loose ball and go down for an open lay-up just before the buzzer sounded to give Scotts Hill a 70-68 win. Shortly thereafter the melee ensued.
Several at the game commented that what started as some trash talking quickly escalated into the brawl.
“It was a very good game – I think they were beating us by two or three points, it was really close; and tensions were really high. The kids were getting attitudes and getting a little mouthy with each other, and people were getting on the referees for blown calls, and some people were really angry, you know how it gets. Then right at the buzzer, it just erupted,” Brooks said. “It was an incredibly scary night, but right now we’re happy that everything is OK.”


  1. Angie Willard on February 6, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I was a very scary night. I was there with my 3 kids because my son play Jr pro basketball and it was appreciation night. I was in the bleachers right where the fight was and it seemed they were fixing to come up on us all I could think was to tell my two older kids to go to the top and I grabbed my 2 yr old and went to the top. I was a very scary night.

  2. Carolyn on February 8, 2019 at 9:43 am

    This is just my view-Just 6 seconds into video-is when the adamsville player was grabbed and the adamsville player started swinging-but wouldn’t you start defending yourself if that many people grabbed you at one time? I know I would! You clearly see that they could have easily knocked him down just like the one that grabbed and threw the kid on the floor and assaulted him! Could have killed that child! And who knows what emotional damage it did to him! As for as the adamsville coach/it just looks like he was trying to get the guy in black off the adamsville player! He reacted in a protective way -he didn’t just go hit the kid!-all these kids need to stop all this “Snapchat bullying” that goes on before these ballgames too! Or it’s only going to get worse !! The tempers are flaring even before the game start – because the “mind games” begin way before the actual event! Everyone needs to teach these kids need to have respect for each other (and the refs calls they make need to be fair or what’s the point of playing?) I know some of these players are counting on scholarships but -they need to be working on their attitudes first! All of this non-sense isn’t worth a young athlete getting hurt or killed!!!

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