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Mayor Kevin Davis: Re-election is ‘clear mandate’

Hardin County Mayor Kevin Davis made the following statement today about his re-election on Thursday:
As I reflect on our latest campaign, I want to thank my wife, Donna, and our family for the personal sacrifices they’ve made in allowing me to be a servant to this community. The time and attention being mayor creates burdens that aren’t carried only by the elected official, but also by spouses and families.

Hardin County Courthouse

I have been blessed with constant love, support, confidence and encouragement from my wife and our family, and these blessings have been essential to my ability to serve.
We were humbled by the overwhelming support we received in my reelection.
I realize the results represent a clear mandate by the people that we continue with consistent conservative leadership. My dedication and commitment to these principles will remain absolute as we continue our success in the days ahead.
To my opponents and other candidates who participated in this process, I commend all of you for your concerns we share for the success of Hardin County, and I applaud your willingness to take part in this election.
To my supporters and those who were active in my reelection efforts, words cannot express the gratitude me and my family have for your loyalty and commitment in your tireless dedication to our continued success.
As we focus on the future, I look forward to continuing my service to everyone in Hardin County with humility, sincerity, commitment and dedication.
I am proud Hardin County is our home, and I am honored to be your mayor.

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