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Aug. 2 Hardin County General Election final results

County Mayor
Kevin C. Davis–4002

L.C. Harris–553
Garry Welch–1736
Jonathan White–255

County Trustee
Shawn Duren–1962
Linda L. McCasland–4496

Johnny Morgan Alexander–3495
T J Barker–3092

Circuit Court Clerk
Diane Polk–6178

County Clerk
Stephen Creasy–388
Jack May–354
Candace L. Murphy–332
Tammy Kerr Riddell–1992
Tina Berry Smith–708
Paula Robinson Wilhite–2649

Register of Deeds
Julie Gail Adkisson–6158

Road Superintendent
Steve Cromwell–6124

County Commissioner, Dist. 1 (Vote for two)
Gary L. Combs–397
Fred McFalls–367
Stanton K. Murphy–191

County Commissioner, Dist. 2 (Vote for two)
Joe Bonee–482
Adam Coleman–533

County Commissioner, Dist. 3 (Vote for two)
Steve Ballard–570
Roger L. Jenkins–593

County Commissioner, Dist. 4, (Vote for two)
Charles Holloway–489
Charles D. Rickman–454

County Commissioner, Dist. 5 (vote for two)
Swen Albers–132
Tony Conaway–263
Lennis Gray–70
Shirley Matlock–286
Kathy Smith–410

County Commissioner, Dist. 6 (Vote for two)
Philip Blackwelder–555
Nickie L. Cagle–359
Timmy T. Keen–294
Billy Penick–66

County Commissioner, Dist. 7 (Vote for two)
Mike Jerrolds–296
Brandon Morris–351
Jimmy G. Neill–291

County Commissioner Dist. 8 (Vote for two)
Wally Hamilton–837
Paul Riddell–918

County Commissioner, Dist. 9 (Vote for two)
Larry Ward Byrd–340
Emery L. White–328

County Commissioner, Dist. 10 (Vote for two)
James S. Berry Jr.–262
Mike Fowler–372
Brodie Johnson–338

School Board, Dist. 2
Janie Hinton Milender–595

School Board, Dist. 4
Gary W. Vickery–537

School Board, Dist. 6
Jeanell Franks Dennis–653

School Board, Dist. 8
David Baker–916

School Board, Dist. 10
David Burgess–339
Greg “Orby” Seaton–221

Road Board, Dist. 3
Robby L. Jenkins–2109
Jamie Lee Johnson–3378

Road Board, Dist. 4
Billy J. Grooms–5613

Public Defender, Dist. 24
Robert “Tas” Gardner, Rep. Party nominee–5355


  1. Martha Hieronymus on August 3, 2018 at 6:26 am

    Thank you for the fast delivery of this information.

    • Editor on August 3, 2018 at 7:48 am

      You’re very welcome, Martha. Thanks for reading The Courier!

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