Inmates mistakenly released returned to prison

July 18– A Hardin County man serving 10 years for killing one of his employees was mistakenly released from prison and was staying in Savannah when he was taken back into custody just before Independence Day.

Ken Qualls, 58, who had an address of “Wayne Road” on file with the Savannah Police Department, was released from the  Turney Center Annex in Wayne County on June 19, officials said.

Dorinda Carter of the Tennessee Department of Correction blamed an “electronic error” for the early release of “eight or nine” inmates from state facilities who had to be returned to prison.

The affected inmates had participated in a re-entry skills program designed to prepare inmates for release, but were not actually eligible for release upon completion of the program, she said, but most are due for release in a few months.

“We understand that to be discouraging” for the inmates, Carter said, “but after consulting with our legal department,  the right thing to do was to return them to custody.” 


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