Rock slide kills quarry worker, responding fire chief hospitalized

UPDATE-- Hardin County Sheriff Sammy Davidson this morning identified the victim as James T. Lynn Jr., 59, of Waynesboro.

July 26– A man believed to be from Wayne County was killed Monday when a rock slide crushed the track hoe he was operating at the Vulcan Materials quarry near Savannah, officials said.
Savannah Fire Chief Steve Hudson responded to the scene but was airlifted from nearby after reportedly experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.
According to Hardin County Assistant Fire Chief Richard Guardino, the rock slide happened at the Savannah quarry for Vulcan Materials Company at 12475 U.S. 64, where the man who was killed was employed. Neither emergency officials nor Vulcan disclosed the man’s identity before press time, saying it was not confirmed the victim’s immediate family had been notified.
Firefighters from Hardin County District 5 (Bucktown) and an ambulance responded at 8:49 a.m. to the call for help along with Hudson, who responded as part of a mutual aid agreement with Hardin County.
The Vulcan Materials worker had been gathering rock from the base of a sheer rock wall "when very large pieces of rock came down from above and crushed the track hoe he was on,” Guardino said. He said the track hoe was equipped with an overhead safety cage, but it wasn’t enough to protect the operator.
Guardino estimated the total weight of the falling rock at between two and four tons. He said at least one rock was half the size of a typical car.


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