Savannah offering residents free smoke alarms

Sept. 28– The state Fire Marshal’s Office recently presented the Savannah Fire Department with a supply of 10-year battery smoke alarms to be installed in homes within the community at high risk of fire. 
This statewide distribution of smoke alarms launched in November 2012 and is part of the state fire marshal’s effort to both educate and equip Tennesseans to incorporate fire safety into their daily lives. 
“We want residents to make sure they have functional smoke alarms in their homes, as well as a rehearsed fire-escape plan. These are tools proven to save lives – because even one fire death is one too many,” says State Fire Marshal Julie Mix McPeak.
The alarms are free, but must be installed by the fire department. Because supplies are limited, the fire department may need to give first preference to those who are not able to otherwise afford smoke alarms.
“We are excited to be able to partner with the state Fire Marshal’s Office in providing these smoke alarms for the citizens here in Savannah” said Steve Hudson, chief of the Savannah Fire Department. “Fire can spread through a home in a matter of minutes and smoke alarms can give residents the warning needed to get out safely.”


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